Security and productivity tool.

Dedicated for hospitality.

Alert button with room localization.

Real-time wifi analyser.

OmniBuddy is an innovative IOT service for hospitality.

Security for your staff.

But not just that...

Omnibuddy combines an alert button with great productivity features. 

Alert button

Pressing the button, in case of unconfortable or even dangerous situations, will send an alert message with your exact location to your security contact.

Real time Wifi analyser

Omnibuddy automatically checks your network performance and security and lets you know the issues before your guest complains.

No infrastructure required

Use existing location tags thanks to environment learning or just add a few standalone beacons that you can easily place anywhere.

Smart Button

A smart IOT button packed with features

Instant alerting at the press of a button

No app. No password. Just press.

Fall detection

Embedded accelerometer, with advance fall detection algorythm based on fall, activity, and verticality analysis.

Localisation with room precision

"Follow me" functionnality: once an alarm is triggered, location updates are sent regularly.

Take it with you at all times

65mm x 35mm x 11mm - 20g - Up to 5 months autonomy. Recharge on micro-USB (B type)

Real time network analysis for performance and security

Wifi Signal level, Interference level, throughput, Network isolation.... Be informed in real time, act before the customer notices.

Environment learning

No infrastructure required: The omnibuddy smart Button can learn the environment and use existing location beacons. If needed, additionnal tags can be simply sticked under a desk or in a drawer, No power socket needed.​


Garanty a flawless Wifi

The omnibuddy smart button will follow your staff in every room and area of the hotel, everyday.

Wouldn’t it be great to test the wifi performance and security once a day before a guests comes in? Wifi performance and security is paramount today.

Difficult and time consuming? OmniBuddy smart scanner fonctionnality does it for you automatically! 

Peace of mind

Maids, room service staff, front office managers, isolated workers, can face unconfortable or even dangerous situations.

OmniBuddy is the friend you can rely on and take with you everywhere at all times.  If anything wrong happen, whether you fall alone at night, or if somebody has an inappropriate behaviour, just press the button, and help will be on its way. If you move during the alert, they will be informed and come to the right place!

Management visibility

Manage your security organisation and contacts. Get security reports of what happened in your properties.

Take advantage of the Omnibuddy button going to every single room of your hotel to get a real time network survey for performance and security.

Get weekly reports of your network health, and use them to solve issues with your network provider. 



Dedicated customer portal

  • Follow your staff alerts
  • Customize your alert settings, destinees, phones and email
  • Generate alert reports
  • Get real time security or performance alerts on your network
  • Check the health status of your device fleet.

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